Yemen crisis

Millions of people in Yemen are facing a severe humanitarian crisis, widespread hunger and chronic malnutrition.

Oxfam is providing emergency water and sanitation, and cash grants to some of the worst affected.

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Yemen is a forgotten crisis. More than half the population - 13 million people - do not have access to clean water, and 10 million Yemenis are struggling to put enough food on the table.

One year on from the country's political transition, people have still not recovered from the crisis. People have exhausted their ways of coping, and millions have fallen into debt trying to find food for their families. According to the UN, a quarter of a million children are at risk of dying unless they receive urgent treatment. Widespread humanitarian needs due to conflict in the north and south of the country is further exasperating the situation.

140, 000 people have returned home to Abyan in Yemen's South but face difficult circumstances such as unexploded land mines and ongoing insecurity.

Yemen in Crisis: How Yemen can survive the fuel crisis and secure its future. Oxfam briefing note. Published 24 June 2014.

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What Oxfam is doing to help

Oxfam has reached over half a million people so far, across several regions of the country, through providing essential water and sanitation services and cash handouts- both vital for sustaining health and livelihoods during this difficult time.

This year, we're aiming to support a further 250,000 people who have been displaced through conflict.

In Al Hodeidah and Hajjah, we have given cash grants to more than 400, 000 people to enable them to buy food and water to feed their families. In the same area, we have provided training on safe hygiene practice to more than 160, 000 people.

Since July last year in Sa'ada in Yemen's North, we have reached over 58,000 people through providing clean water, and repairing vital water and sanitation facilities, as well as supporting people to rebuild their livelihoods.

We are helping hundreds of families who have returned to their homes in Abyan to rebuild their lives and find work, by providing people with goats and fodder. We are also equipping hundreds of people with basic entrepreneurial skills so they can begin new lives.

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