Pic of the week: Soap and singing

Posted by Al Kinley Digital Influencer, Georgette Thomas Oxfam Media officer, Oxford, UK

25th Oct 2012

For millions of people Global Handwashing Day is a chance to dance, sing and party, often in the face of adversity - bringing life and energy to the simple but important message that "clean hands can save lives".

This year an estimated 250 million people in over 100 countries took part in events.

Here in South Sudan, Oxfam is providing clean water and sanitation and running public health campaigns for about 28,500 refugees in Maban, in the Jamam and Gendrassa camps.

We also have a long-term programme to provide water to local villages and host communities. After a year of conflict in Sudan's Blue Nile state, more than 100,000 refugees have fled across the border to four camps in Maban, which all face the threat of recurrent flooding due to heavy rains, chronic drinking water shortages and disease.

Blog post written by Al Kinley

Digital Influencer

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Blog post written by Georgette Thomas

Oxfam Media officer, Oxford, UK

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