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Your memories of Oxfam

Posted by Al Kinley Digital Influencer

1st Oct 2012

Earlier this year we asked you for your memories of Oxfam, to help mark our 70th anniversary (this week!). Here are some of your responses.

If you haven't yet, do share your memories of Oxfam in the comments.

"I have always been an avid record collector and recycled unwanted records to Oxfam. In recent years LPs have become increasingly valuable, so I enjoy hunting around charity shops looking for collectables at bargain prices. Often I don't want these but I donate them to Oxfam where they can fetch many times what I paid for them. It's a good feeling when Oxfam makes £60 for a record I got for £1.99."
Geoff Fleet, Maidenhead

"Our primary school made an 'Oxfam blanket' in about 1959 when I could just knit! We felt so lucky, we all wanted to do something to help. When my own children were small we held an 'Round the World Lunch' in our small semi, with each room serving food from a different continent; it was great fun, if a bit messy. We have also given monthly to Oxfam since we married in 1971 and hope to be able to carry on doing so."
Jenny Fisken, Bedale

"I grew up playing in the back of my local Oxfam shop while my mum was volunteering there - it was the best dressing up place ever! I'm now 42 and have been campaigning and fundraising in south London for almost 20 years, as well as making a monthly donation - and my mum's still volunteering in the same shop, once a week, though nearly 80!"
Caroline Pankhurst

"Soon after the end of the Second World War, a friend invited me to join a group going round Oxford in a lorry, collecting clothes for displaced people in camps in Europe. We took the clothes back to the Oxfam shop in Broad Street, where we sorted them, sprinkled them liberally with pesticide and bagged them up, ready for dispatch. I had grown up with the ethos of 'make do and mend', but this was my first experience of recycling usable items, and it has stayed with me. Wherever I have lived in the UK I have used the local Oxfam shop, to both donate and buy goods."
Anne Williams, Abergavenny

"I got involved with Oxfam three months ago - I've just bought a flat above the Oxfam shop. I work in retail as a merchandiser, and I kept walking past the shop window thinking I should volunteer my services. So I went in and gave them my CV, and since then I've been making themed window displays. It's a really fun environment - I've met so many friends from all age groups, from teenagers and young mums up to octogenarians. The staff are brilliant, and everyone gets on - there's a great vibe."
Stuart Hardy, Dorking

"I was 10 in 1984 and remember watching the coverage of the famine in Ethiopia. Even at that age it made me realise just how fortunate I was. As I got older and started earning (even if it was only a paper round at first) it felt only right that I share some of that with others. Oxfam has always come across as the most straightforward and universal charity working for the good of humankind and I will always be a supporter."
Helen Fuller, Banbury

If you haven't yet, do share your memories of Oxfam in the comments!

Blog post written by Al Kinley

Digital Influencer

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