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A child with his Grandmother at Tbilisi Children's Hospital. Oxfam has set up rural community health financing schemes to bring access to health care to 50,000 vulnerable people. Photo: David Levine

From our staff

Keti Getiashvili, Country Director

 There are a lot of reasons for the high levels of poverty in Georgia - inadequate policies, poor governance, the difficulties people face earning a decent living and finding decent health care, a lack of infrastructure, recent conflicts, a growing number of disasters... It's a long list.

So Oxfam works to help people in a lot of different ways, always pushing for better governance and better awareness of people's rights. We help farmers, making it possible for people to get credit. We support efforts to prepare people for disasters. And we improve access to health services. In ten years of leadership, my team has achieved results that make me very proud.

Full details of what Oxfam is doing in Georgia (PDF, 4.6MB)

In 2012-13 Oxfam helped:

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