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Emergencies don't happen one at a time

Posted by Amy Christian Iraq Media and Communications Advisor

12th Jul 2013

I've recently been spending some of my time processing photos from the recent flash flooding in India. In recent months, we've been concentrating our fundraising efforts on our Syria campaign, but these photographs are a good reminder that emergencies don't happen one at a time.

Caused by the early arrival of monsoon rains, floods have ravaged parts of the India, provoking landslides and toppling buildings that line the banks of rivers. One of the photos I received today shows cars and trucks being swept along in the violent gushing water of the Ganges.

Some people in India have been completely cut off by the floods, with roads and buildings collapsing, they have been unable to access any assistance. Some families have seen their homes crumble to the ground, had to rescue relatives from under rubble and find ways to get food when roads are no longer an option.  

The photos I received today were from our programme staff on the ground. They show them loading bags of vital aid into a helicopter so they can be flown to those most in need and unable to reach help. Piles of bags line the ground waiting to be loaded, the seats of the helicopter stuffed full to bursting.

It is a terrible thing that so many disasters are happening all around us but I feel comforted to know that Oxfam's programme staff are always there, first on the scene and ready to help those most in need, no matter how challenging. 

Blog post written by Amy Christian

Iraq Media and Communications Advisor

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