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St Andrews supporters take action for Syria

Posted by Adrian Doherty Oxfam Scotland Social & Digital Media Volunteer

21st Feb 2014

Guest blog by Eilidh Beaton, constituency campaigner with University of St Andrews Oxfam Society.

The Oxfam Society at the University of St Andrews along with volunteers at the St Andrews Oxfam shop have decided to get involved with Oxfam's Syria: Seen and Heard campaign. We were involved with Oxfam's campaign for Syria at the end of last year so this seemed like a good way to keep attention on the ongoing crisis in the region.

We feel the crisis needs more government action so this week, we have sent postcards to our local MP Sir Menzies Campbell to call for the people of Syria to be seen and heard. With the third anniversary of the Syrian conflict approaching on 15th March 2014, the St Andrews volunteers wanted to encourage our MP to do what he can to help the men, women and children affected by the crisis.

In our postcards we wrote about our passion for education, urging our MP to support a peaceful resolution to the conflict to help ensure that the children of Syria are not deprived of their right to an education.

The shop volunteers also requested support for Oxfam's goals for Syria: a ceasefire and end to the conflict, for regular Syrians, including women, to be involved in the peace talks and for the UK to continue to live up to our fair share of aid donations.

All the volunteers hope that Sir Menzies Campbell MP will take our messages on board and play his part in securing a peaceful future for the people of Syria.

If you want to get involved and speak to your local MP about Syria you can request an information pack Syria Action.

Blog post written by Adrian Doherty

Oxfam Scotland Social & Digital Media Volunteer

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