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'Made in Palestine' - helping a small women's group export soap to the world

Six years ago, a small women's co-operative from the West Bank started growing vegetables to sell at the local market. Now, with a little help from Oxfam, they are exporting soap around the world.  ...


Pic of the week: Buckets galore

Refugees in Jamam camp, South Sudan, queue up for (our award winning!) buckets and soap as part of Oxfam's public health campaign to reduce the spread of diseases such as cholera, diarrhoea...

Pic of the week: UN air drop

A UN plane drops sacks of food aid for refugees in Maban, South Sudan. During the rainy season many roads are cut off and air drops are an expensive, last...

Water brings new hope as Wajir tries to recover from drought

One year since the launch of Oxfam's appeal for the food crisis in East Africa, Polycarp Otieno returns to Wajir in north eastern Kenya, to see how Oxfam's response is helping communities...