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Caroline Gluck

Humanitarian Press Officer

Caroline Gluck

Formerly with the BBC, Caroline Gluck works as a roving field-based press officer for Oxfam, deployed quickly to cover both sudden and emerging humanitarian crises wherever they occur.

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Congo: Trying to build security where fear prevails

Eastern Congo is supposed to be at peace. But life for civilians in Mweso health zone, Masisi territory, North Kivu, is anything but peaceful. Although a peace agreement was signed three years...

Haiti: Two years after the quake, some change but the pace is slow

Caroline Gluck retraces her steps and finds that the challenges many people in Haiti faced in the wake of the 2010 earthquake continue to persist - as does their hope for change. ...

Video: Prepared for floods in Pakistan

On the one year anniversary of Pakistan's devastating floods, Caroline Gluck explains how Oxfam's work preparing people in Pakistan meant many more lives were saved last year than in similar...