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Ian Sullivan

Digital Campaigner

Ian Sullivan

Ian Sullivan is a digital campaigner at Oxfam. He has worked in Oxfam campaigns for three years but started his Oxfam life as a Supporter Relations Assistant. Ian works on the digital side of GROW and the essential services campaign.

All posts by Ian Sullivan

Land campaigning building to a BOOM

It's been a fantastic first week of land campaigning with stunts, action and a social sonic boom. ...

Be Outraged: Austerity isn't working

A new Oxfam supported book, Be Outraged: Austerity isn't working, is looking at alternatives to current European austerity drive. ...

It's action time for Robin Hood

If Gandhi's chronology of "first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win" is anything to go by, the Robin Hood Tax campaign is getting close...

The importance of water

Over the next week people around the world will be walking for water. Here's why I think it matters. ...

Left behind by the G20: It's time to tackle inequality

Are poor people being left behind by the G20? Ian Sullivan takes a look at a new Oxfam report tackling this issue. ...