Mora McLagan

Campaigns and Communications Manager, UK Poverty Programme

Mora McLagan

Mora joined Oxfam in August 2011 and works for the UK Poverty Programme (UKPP). She is developing and strengthening the campaigns role of the UKPP, and also leads on communications for the team.

Mora originally trained to work in international development as an anthropologist, and has worked in South and South East Asia on development and research programmes. She then worked as outreach coordinator for Oxfam's London Office in 2003, working on the Make Trade Fair and Control Arms campaigns.

Her overseas and UK experiences prompted a desire to develop skills in campaigning journalism, and from 2004-2011 Mora worked for the BBC, Channel 4 and Sky 1 on a range of mainly current affairs programmes like Panorama and Unreported World. Via work as a freelance journalist for Comic Relief's UK funded projects, she has now come full circle in her career and will be helping to develop the campaigns and communications capabilities of the UK Poverty Programme over the coming months.

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