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Date: Jul 2012

14 Articles

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One year on from the East Africa food crisis, much progress and many lessons

The worst food crisis in the 21st century It is a year now since the world woke up to what has been called the worst food crisis in the 21st century. The footage of Dadaab refugee camp in...

Pregnancy and childbirth: It's a woman's right to choose

It's good to have a choice. Whether it's between tea or coffee, chocolate or fruit and condoms or the Pill. In fact when it comes to planning a family it's not just good that we...

25,000 jerry cans benefit Somali families

"I've been fetching water from a nearby shallow well, by using leaky plastic packets," Medina, a displaced mother of two, explained. "I used to lose more than half of the...

Water brings new hope as Wajir tries to recover from drought

One year since the launch of Oxfam's appeal for the food crisis in East Africa, Polycarp Otieno returns to Wajir in north eastern Kenya, to see how Oxfam's response is helping communities...

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