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Date: Mar 2013

14 Articles

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The daily struggle for water in Yemen

World leaders are meeting in London today to discuss the deepening humanitarian situation in Yemen.  Over half the population does not have access to clean water and Sana'a is predicted...

One million Syrian refugees have been forced to flee conflict

By now, many of you will have heard about the staggering increase in the number of Syrian refugees, which is dominating today's news. This morning, the UN announced that the number of people...

Celebrate International Women's Day with an Oxfam Get Together

On 8 March, and throughout the entire month, thousands of people across the UK are going to be celebrating International Women's Day by holding an Oxfam Get Together - and we can't wait.  ...

Team Tiger’s Treasure Hunt in Ethiopia

Oxfam is always looking at new ways to improve sanitation in its programmes and the Tiger Worm Toilet is just one novel method that is currently being trialled. With an estimated 2.6 billion people...

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