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Date: Aug 2013

15 Articles

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Oxfam statement on international NGOs' senior salaries

Responding to media reports about international NGOs' senior salaries, an Oxfam spokesperson said:  "As an organisation committed to ending poverty and inequality, Oxfam...

This week: #perouskenya

Oxfam's social media is going to be taken over with live reports from one of Nairobi's largest slums, Mukuru, from 7 to 13 August. Our Stories, Film and Photography Team has been joined by...

Ramadan - a great time to give

Ramadan is a great time for Muslims to give to charity. This year, there are few causes more deserving than the plight of nearly 2 million Syrian refugees, writes Sara Chaudhry. ...

Celebrating Ramadan... and dreaming of home

Earlier this month, Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon invited Oxfam's Karl Schembri into their temporary homes to see how they are celebrating Ramadan. ...

Sam's stories from Syria

At Oxfam we have a library of images collected from every one of the countries we work in. Some sad, some beautiful, some that manage to sum up a situation better than words could. We have this wonderful...

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