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The Women Leaders

Women making change in Nepal

In January, Dow Punpiputt met some of the women leaders who took part in the Raising Her Voice project in Nepal.  Here she gives a personal response to the impact of meeting with these inspirational...

Celebrate International Women's Day with an Oxfam Get Together

On 8 March, and throughout the entire month, thousands of people across the UK are going to be celebrating International Women's Day by holding an Oxfam Get Together - and we can't wait.  ...

Women and girls spend several hours a day collecting water often standing in baking heat. They then carry the heavy jerry cans home, either on their heads or tied to the end of poles.

Oxfam responds to The Human Security Report 2012

Ed Cairns Oxfam's Senior Policy Adviser on humanitarian advocacy research responds to The Human Security Report 2012 from Canada's Simon Fraser University. ...

Top 10 Oxfam videos

Oxfam loves the movies. We've got more than 500 videos on our channel and together people like you have watched them nearly 4 million times! For this week's chart, prepare to make it 4 million...

Yemen: A wake up call to early marriage

Aisha, Wafa and Hafsa never imagined that their tragedies would signal a wake-up call for the residents of their small village in western Yemen. The two sisters Wafa and Aisha and their cousin Hafsa...

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