Can you handle the pressure?

A natural disaster has just hit. Your team arrives in the aftermath. You need information and a strategy fast. Time is running out. It's a race against disaster.

Race against disaster

12 hours of body-sapping, brain-draining adventure. Are you up for it?

The Oxfam Emergency Challenge is a seriously intense, varied and action packed experience designed to push your team to the limit.

Developed to simulate the situations Oxfam faces in disasters worldwide, teams of four respond to a demanding series of challenges designed to test teamwork, fitness and decision making under pressure.

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Key information

This year we are running two events at Wellington College, join us on Saturday 24 or Sunday 25 October for a day of team challenges. In teams of four you can be a part of a Oxfam's fitness, strategic and communications challenge.

Venue:Wellington College, Berkshire.

Date:Saturday 24 or Sunday 25 October 2015.

Time:09:00 - 21:00.

Area:400 acres to explore.

Challenges:Mental, physical and strategic.

What's involved:Running, strategy, cycling.

Cost:An early bird discount is available before 31 July.

  Per team
Per person
Before 31 July
 £200  £50
After 31 July
 £300  £75
Fundraising pledge
 £1000  £250


The day

What to expect


Real-life scenarios. Real-time tasks. In an exhilarating race against the clock. With a strong story line running throughout the day your decisions count. All teams are briefed together, how you respond is up to your strategy and strengths.

A unique experience

No other event offers this unique combination of real-life pressure and real-time tasks in such a fun, tough, memorable day. You'll have to talk with officials, trade points for materials and partner with other teams.


Imagine you're there. Tracking band on your wrist, just finished the briefing. You've got too much to do in the time available. It's a truly immersive experience.


You'll cover around 10k on foot or 20k on bike depending on your strategy. Once you're briefed, it's all up to you and when the competition hots up - you'll be pushing hard!