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Stop Climate Chaos Cymru give Minister a sporting send off to Rio

Posted by Luned Jones Media and Communications Officer, Wales

15th Jun 2012

As John Griffiths, Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development is leaving for Brazil today Stop Climate Chaos Cymru , of which Oxfam Cymru is a member, gave him a sporting send off to go and help save the world at the UN Rio+20 global Sustainable Development Summit.

As part of the UK Delegation, John Griffiths AM will be able to stress the advances and leadership that Wales is showing in Sustainable Development, from specific policy actions such as the Arbed home energy efficiency scheme to the forthcoming Sustainable Development Bill.

Haf Elgar, Chair of Stop Climate Chaos Cymru, said:
"We're very pleased that the Minister will have the chance to show the rest of the world what progress we are making in Wales on Sustainable Development. We hope that through discussions with other nations and regions Wales can build on its ambition for the Sustainable Development Bill and become a true international champion for future generations and those living in poverty."

UN Summits have in the past seen ground breaking targets set for global action on emission reductions and this time around campaigning organisations are calling for a global vision for a green and fair economy which benefits all people, and a step change in sustainable development.

John Griffiths said: "Sustainability is much more than a green idea, it is about developing the best long-term path for Wales that will deliver a good, healthy sustainable quality of life for all people in Wales both now and in the future.

"It means that when we are faced with difficult choices, we choose the option that is best for the long term future of Wales, rather than the option that is quickest, easiest or cheapest. 

The Welsh Government is currently consulting on its plans for a Sustainable Development Bill. SCCC hope that the Rio+20 UN Summit will inspire the ambition of the Minister to demonstrate committed and credible action in the Bill which could Wales apart from the rest of the world.

John Griffiths said: "Wales might be a small country but we are genuinely championing some leading sustainability policies.  I believe these must be fed into the global debate and whilst I am in Rio I will be canvassing other governments for their views on our SD policies in an effort to inspire them into similar action and so we can all learn from any relevant experiences."

Elgar added: "We hope that The Welsh Government will deliver a Sustainable Development Bill that reflects the urgent context of action on climate change. We need to see that public authorities have a clear responsibility to act and that we are responsible for our international impacts."


Blog post written by Luned Jones

Media and Communications Officer, Wales

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