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Ben Phillips' musings on Wales, the World and his favourite cake!

Posted by Luned Jones Media and Communications Officer, Wales

26th Sep 2012

Ben Phillips, Oxfam's Campaign Director, visited Wales earlier this week. Find out what he think about Oxfam, Wales and some other stuff here...



What do you do for Oxfam?
I campaign

Why Oxfam?
Because Oxfam is passionate, radical and brilliant

Best campaign you've been a part of?
In India, a land rights march of 30k people walking for weeks to Delhi

Biggest challenge to our work right now?
Economic downturn, no-one's feeling lucky. We need to unite people against unfairness

Your impression of Wales?
Amazing tradition of social justice and it's now making it work in the 21st century

And Oxfam Cymru?
A power-house and nobody would believe how few staff we've got.

What keeps you awake at night?
My children

What's your favourite cake?
Chocolate cake

Kindle or book?

Thoughts on clicktisivism?
Some people don't have time to go on marches. They have kids and work long hours and we need them too.

Who's your hero?
Desmond Tutu

What would your super power be?
To see into the future

It was great to have see you Ben, please visit us again soon!

Blog post written by Luned Jones

Media and Communications Officer, Wales

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