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Going Once, Going twice – SOLD!

Posted by Luned Jones Media and Communications Officer, Wales

6th Dec 2012

Sold! Cardiff Castle

Penarth Pier, Barry Island, Swansea Market, Aberystwyth Pier and Cardiff Castle have all been "Sold"!

As the next step of our Land campaign, Oxfam supporters across Wales have been erecting 'SOLD' sings on some of our most beloved landmarks to raise awareness for the need to stop land grabs, which leave poor people in Africa, Asia and Latin America homeless and without access to the land they rely on for food to eat and to make a living.

Local volunteers, Keith and Enid in Penarth, Dan in Barry Island, our student group in Aberystwyth, the shop team in Carmarthen, Brent Morgan of Dextart theatre group in Swansea, and activists in Cardiff - all of these campaigners have been spreading the message far and wide that we need to tackle land grabs in developing countries.

The recent rush for land has involved an area of land the size of Wales being sold to foreign investors every thirty seven days in poor countries. Few of these deals have been adequately regulated or policed to prevent land grabs, meaning poor people are being evicted, often violently, without consultation or compensation.

Head of Oxfam Cymru, Julian Rosser, said: "With land the size of Snowdonia National Park being sold in the world's poorest countries every 8 days, more and more poor people are at risk of having their land grabbed from beneath their feet."

The amount of land worldwide that was sold in the past decade is enough to feed a billion people.

Julian added, "By holding spoof auctions and erecting these sold signs, without warning, outside landmarks so close to our hearts, we hope to bring home to people what experiencing a land grab is like. Land grabs often happen with no prior consultation - imagine being thrown off your land without warning and finding yourself homeless, landless, penniless and at risk of violence."

We need you and your MP to get the World Bank to listen.

The World Bank funds many big land deals. It also influences how land is bought and sold. So this means it has the power to help stop land grabs.


Ask your MP to add their voice to our calls for justice - let's make a noise that the World Bank can't ignore.

Blog post written by Luned Jones

Media and Communications Officer, Wales

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