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Music lovers across Wales raise nearly £8,000

Posted by Lorraine Rees Community Fundraiser for Wales/Cymru

20th Nov 2012

Oxjam Cardiff

Music lovers across Wales have raised nearly £8,000 so far by taking part in this year's Oxjam music festival.

Sara Williams, Oxjam co-ordinator said, "It's fantastic to see how volunteers have made Oxjam such a success. Putting on gigs, concerts, jamming sessions and all sorts of other events, big and small, they've raised a huge amount of money for Oxfam."

The Cardiff Oxjam Takeover saw the area around Womanby Street in the city centre getting an Oxjam makeover, with a range of music gigs, stand-up comedy and horror film shorts available for the public's entertainment. 

"The ethos of Oxjam is local music, so they discourage you from getting well-known people," said Jody Tozer, Cardiff Takeover manager. "But that's nice because you're nurturing the local music scene. You're giving people a chance to play to audiences who wouldn't usually hear them."

Amongst this year's first-time event organisers,  Chris Rogers put on "Oxjam at the Montpellier" in Llandrindod Wells and raised over £600, and Nicola Woodrow's event for family and friends in Trebanos, Swansea raised nearly £500.

Next October we'd love to see even more volunteers taking part in Oxjam.  It's a great way of doing something you really enjoy and helping to fight poverty at the same time.

If you're interested in putting on a small one-off event,  or maybe even coordinating an Oxjam Takeover in your town, contact Lorraine Rees on or call 0300 200 1269.

Blog post written by Lorraine Rees

Community Fundraiser for Wales/Cymru

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