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Subject: food security

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Picture: Keith Morris

Buy land. They’re not making it anymore.*

Today, Oxfam is launching its land campaign to right global land wrongs. The campaign highlights the sale of land in developing countries to rich corporations and countries which is fuelling hunger...

Food for Thought - New School Resources available on-line

Where does our food come from? How is the climate changing what's on our plates? And, with a global population set to hit 9 billion by 2050, how will we ever manage to make sure everyone always...

Stop Climate Chaos Cymru give Minister a sporting send off to Rio

As John Griffiths, Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development is leaving for Brazil today Stop Climate Chaos Cymru , of which Oxfam Cymru is a member, gave him a sporting send...

A live link up like no other!

Imagine the scene…the Co-operative food store in Somerton, Newport, a Skype connection to Uganda, a Fair Trade coffee farmer and John Griffiths, Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development…what...

13 million people facing catastrophe in West and Central Africa

Oxfam has warned that urgent action must be taken now if we are to prevent a full scale humanitarian crisis in the Sahel region of West and Central Africa. Drought, high food prices, entrenched poverty...

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