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Give families like Kalpana’s a better future

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The Language Factory

As a small business owner who has benefited from external support over the years it is exciting to be part of Oxfam's Enterprise Development Programme. The programme's pioneering business support is enabling many women involved in small businesses to grow and achieve their potential.

   - Shona Lockhart, The Language Factory

Despite living in one of Nepal's poorest districts, Kalpana Oli has big dreams for her children's education and future.

An incredible new seed growing project means these dreams are starting to come true. Now we need your help to make sure more mothers like Kalpana can give their children the future they deserve.

Like many women in Nepal, Kalpana faces an uphill struggle to provide for her family. Jobs are scarce, farming brings in little income, and women have very few rights. This life-changing project, which forms part of Oxfam's groundbreaking Enterprise Development Programme, will support vulnerable women like Kalpana to earn a basic living and realise their dreams for their children.

Donate today and your money will be doubled!
Generous donors including The Language Factory have agreed to double your donations for this appeal. So £500 from you will be worth £1000 to support families like Kalpana's (up to a maximum of £95,000).

Help Oxfam transform lives like Kalpana's

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The Enterprise Development Programme (EDP) provides business-focused solutions to help entrepreneurs in the developing world work their way out of poverty.

There is a small chance we will raise more than we need for this project. If this happens your gift will be allocated to another EDP project.