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  • Ethopia: Growing Better

    Ethopia: Growing Better

    Help women farmers grow more, sell more and provide a better future for their children

    Just a few pounds can help women farmers to grow better quality crops, and improve their earnings so they can invest for the long term.

  • Occupied Palestinian territory

    Occupied Palestinian territory

    Help olive farmers grow more

    Olives are the basis of many families' livelihoods, and with some training in new agricultural techniques, a little investment in machinery, and some business support, men and women could improve crop quality and establish themselves as successful business people.

  • Philippines


    Help give poor families the skills to adapt to increasingly extreme weather

    Just a few pounds can help rural communities cope with a changing climate. Training in new farming methods and livelihoods will help reduce levels of poverty, especially amongst women.

  • Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka

    Help women rice growers show what they can do

    Just a few pounds can help women in eastern Sri Lanka earn more for the rice they grow and enjoy more equal status in their communities.