What lifts Oxfam's celebrity supporters?

Hairy Biker Dave Myers visits Cambodia

Hairy Biker Dave Myers visits Cambodia to see how Oxfam is helping lift lives for good.

Enough to eat: Food Index

Around the world, one in eight people go to bed hungry every night despite there being enough food for everyone. Oxfam has collected data on 125 countries providing a snapshot of the best and worst places to eat in the world.

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See how you're lifting lives

Kenya: toilets lift threat of deadly disease. (1m 27s)

Lift off for girls’ education in Pakistan. (53s)

Water project makes waves in Zimbabwe community. (1m 26s)

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the aim of the new campaign?

    We want to increase support for Oxfam by inspiring the public about how Oxfam works - lifting lives and making lasting change happen.

  • What is the story of the advert?

    The uplifting story told in the advert is based on a real life example of Oxfam's work in Sri Lanka. Oxfam is working with communities who have returned to their villages to rebuild their lives after being displaced during the civil war, and have set up a number of dairy cooperatives, which now sell milk to private companies, local schools and shops. The cooperatives also produce their own milk-based products such as toffee, ghee and milk ice-lollies, which they sell themselves.

    The cooperatives provide jobs ranging from managerial to sales to veterinary work. Oxfam has also distributed cows to community members, enabling them to make an income through selling milk to the cooperatives. When these cows have calves they are given to other community members, making the projects sustainable, and ultimately lifting the lives of entire communities.

  • What is our main message?

    Oxfam believes that people in the developing world have the potential to change their own lives - all they need is a little lift. A lift can empower people to make change, helping them to alter the course of their lives, so in turn they can lift others around them, setting in motion a process of change that spreads throughout their community. So by giving to Oxfam you're not just lifting one person, you're lifting the lives of entire communities - now and for good.

  • Why floating people?

    The floating is a metaphorical way of showing the uplift in financial benefit, uplift in community welfare, uplift in spirits and uplift in hope which come when people are given the skills and resources they can use to change their own lives.

  • Where will people see it?

    The adverts will launch on December 26th. A 60-second and 30-second advert have been produced for TV in the London and South East region and a DRTV advert has been produced for nationwide use. In addition variations will be shown on televisions in Oxfam shops. There will also be significant online advertising, and the same concept will be used for a direct mail campaign and will feature in a special issue of Oxfam's supporter magazine. Digital outdoor posters will also appear across the London Underground from the 6th to 19th of January.

    In addition Oxfam will capitalise on its partnership with Heathrow airport, using the area for further poster advertising.

    The first advert will be shown on ITV on Boxing Day during Harry Potter, or on Channel 4 during Independence Day.

  • Why isn’t the advert being shown across the United Kingdom?

    We have cherry picked densely populated regions where we also have a high proportion of supporters. In this instance this means we have focused on the South East. This does not mean we are ignoring or neglecting the rest of the UK, but we have to focus our resource on the areas where market research tells us we will get.

  • What is the music used?

    Not Giving In by Rudimental.

  • Why aren’t you showing the work that Oxfam does in the UK?

    The Lift Lives for Good campaign applies to our work in the UK too, it shows an approach to aid, which is relevant in any geographical context: how by empowering one person, you can set off a chain reaction to help many more.

    We know that sadly poverty is rising in the UK and at a critical point and are working on this increasingly concerning problem. We also know that millions of people look to Oxfam to represent the needs of poor people across the world.

  • Why does Oxfam advertise?

    Oxfam relies significantly on donations by the public to fund our work in overcoming poverty worldwide. Our income was down last year and we need to attract new supporters, particularly people who may be inspired to give a regular donation each month. These regular donations help us to plan long-term work to bring about lasting change. However, a small proportion of our expenditure goes on such fundraising costs. For every pound donated to Oxfam, 84p goes directly to our emergency, development and campaigning work. Just 9p goes to support costs and 7p is invested in fundraising.