Oxfam and TransferWise

Send money, save a lot and lift lives with Oxfam and TransferWise.

Oxfam has launched a brand new partnership with TransferWise, a service that makes moving money abroad fairer. Use TransferWise to send money for less and support Oxfam's work in India at the same time. 

TransferWise, which comes from the people who built Skype and PayPal, doesn't charge hidden fees.

Move money with TransferWise now

Send money, save a lot, give a little.

Support Oxfam's work in India

Oxfam has been working in India since 1951. For many people, much has changed for the better during that time, but an estimated 300 million people in India are still living in poverty.

Sending money with TransferWise is one way to make a donation to support Oxfam's work there. As TransferWise is a much cheaper way of making a cash transfer, you can send money, make a donation to Oxfam and still make substantial savings.

We work with our sister organisation, Oxfam India, to help people like Pramod and his family. Pramod lives with his mother, Kari, in Manabigha village, Bihar. His father died of hunger and illness three years ago and, at that time, the community didn't realise they were entitled to help from government food distribution schemes. Oxfam has worked with the community to make sure they're aware of their rights and Pramod's mother is now an elected member of the village vigilance committee. 

Send money through TransferWise and donate to Oxfam to lift lives for good

Oxfam has helped make sure Pramod receives his midday meal at the village childcare centre. This is a lifeline for children living in poor communities.

Tom Pietrasik/Oxfam

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