The Big Bra Hunt


Bravo! To everyone who has taken part in the Big Bra Hunt. Since April, we have collected 350,000 bras. But don't let us stop you there - we need bras all year round so please keep donating.

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Where your bras will go

1. Your bras will either be sold in our UK shops, or sent to Wastesaver, our recycling facility in Huddersfield…

2. From Wastesaver, bras are sent to Senegal (along with things like summer clothes and baby clothes)…

3. In Senegal, they are sorted and sold at Frip Ethique, our social enterprise.

4. The money your bras raise goes towards our poverty-busting work in Senegal and around the globe.

The Big Bra Hunt and women’s rights 

The Big Bra Hunt has attracted a great deal of positive attention from the media, which is a fantastic boost to the campaign and donations of bras. However as the media is free to report the campaign as they chose, there is potential for the Big Bra Hunt to be misrepresented in a way that opposes Oxfam's values relating to women's rights. 

Oxfam believes equality between men and women is a basic human right. Women are at the heart of all our work, from grass roots community development to being active citizens in global change. 

Because of our values, a lot of planning went into the Big Bra Hunt. All communications around the campaign are designed to avoid objectifying women's bodies or sexualising bras. The focus on the campaign is on the significant benefits of donating bras to Oxfam.

As well as boosting vital donations to Oxfam shops, the Big Bra Hunt is responding to a request by the women selling clothing through Frip Ethique. Bras are the item which makes the most money for them, selling for almost twice as much as the next most valuable item of clothing. Frip Ethique provides a positive, life-changing employment opportunity for many women in Senegal, fully reflecting Oxfam's values about women.  

What you can do now

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Inspired? Drop your bras off at your local Oxfam shop here and we'll do the rest.

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