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Oxfam School Groups

Have fun, gain skills and make a difference!

"Being involved with something that makes a big difference and doing it alongside such great people has been incredible - the skills I have learnt won't be forgotten." Shane, 17 

For a brighter tomorrow, young people must speak up against poverty, and for a fairer and more just society. That's why Oxfam is supporting a growing network of School Groups.

Start an Oxfam School Group 

Oxfam Youth Ambassadors meet in their own time (with the support of a teacher) to learn together about global issues, whilst developing the skills and the confidence to make their voices heard.

Our Resources for Oxfam School Groups page suggests activities for Youth Ambassadors such as organising a film evening and discussion, peer teaching in assemblies and in lessons, meeting MPs and other decision makers, and raising awareness though film making.

Activities support a chosen Oxfam campaign theme such as inequality, education for all, or human rights for people during emergencies. Visit our gallery of ideas for examples of projects run by existing groups.

Hear from Youth Ambassadors at Sir John Lawes School

Why start an Oxfam School Group?

"This fits in with what Ofsted says when they come to schools: it's all about independent learning and taking the lead." Cath Brookes, Burntwood School for Girls.

1. It's rewarding.

As well as having fun and making a difference, group members gain badges and certificates in appreciation for their hard work and commitment. Registered groups can use this feedback form to apply.

2. It's a great learning experience.

Youth Ambassadors develop skills such as leadership, teamwork, creativity and initiative, which can be highlighted in CVs, records of achievement and UCAS applications.

3. It counts towards the Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

Oxfam is an Approved Activity Provider for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award. Find out more.

4. It supports teachers' personal development and helps meet school aims.

Supporting an Oxfam School Group is a great opportunity for teachers to motivate and inspire young people, develop new skills and take responsibility for a cross-curricular project. In addition the programme supports curriculum development and helps schools to meet OFSTED criteria. For full curricular links download the teacher's guide.

Oxfam School Groups registration form

Contact person (must be over 18)

Please note that the resources we provide for Oxfam School Groups are specific to the England educational and political contexts. Whilst we can accept registrations from groups in Scotland and Wales who wish to adapt these resources for use in their contexts, Oxfam only has capacity to provide remote support from our England offices.