Youth Ambassadors


Oxfam Youth Ambassadors is a great opportunity for secondary school students in England to get creative, get organised and get involved in active global citizenship.

Supporting Youth Ambassadors in your school will help students to learn more about global issues and develop the necessary skills and confidence to put their world-changing ideas into action.

Students determine the outcome of their own activities, developing skills such as organisation, time management, creativity, communication, and leadership. They actively put these skills into practice through independent and participatory learning.

Hear from Youth Ambassadors at Sir John Lawes School

Youth Ambassadors work towards the Oxfam Youth Ambassadors badge. Receiving the badge publicly recognises the achievements of Youth Ambassadors and the new skills they have developed. The Oxfam Youth Ambassadors badge usually takes one year to complete and is open to all group members regardless of academic ability.

"This fits in with what Ofsted says when they come to schools: it's all about independent learning and taking the lead. This programme has really helped these students improve their grades and develop their self awareness, confidence and initiative. It's excellent"

Cath Brookes, Deputy Head, Burntwood School for Girls


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What support can Oxfam provide?

Oxfam provides materials to help teachers and young people operate a group independently in the online Calendar of Action. This provides a structure to follow and resources to support learning and action.

How do I register Oxfam Youth Ambassadors?

Download a registration form and email it to

Use this feedback form at the end of each term to let us know what you've been up to.

The Youth Ambassadors programme is currently only supported by Oxfam staff for schools in England.

Downloadable guides

Introduction to Youth Ambassadors

A presentation introducing the Oxfam Youth Ambassadors programme.

Making a Difference - A teacher's guide to supporting Oxfam Youth Ambassadors

A quick guide to the hows and whys of supporting an Oxfam Youth Ambassadors group

Get Started - How to organise your action group
How to become an Oxfam Youth Ambassador and make a difference with your group

Change the World - One step at a time
Top tips from Oxfam about organising great campaigns

Harts Ladder of Participation

Roger Hart's Ladder of Participation is a useful illustration of the principles we hope teachers will use when engaging pupils to promote action, This means putting young people at the heart of activity design.