Send my Friend to School


"If I were a world leader..."

2015 is the year that could change 58 million children's futures. World leaders will gather this September in New York to decide the future of the world's children.

Send My Friend to School is asking UK pupils to imagine that they were a world leader and tell politicians what crucial decisions they would make to get every child worldwide into school now.

In 2000 world leaders promised universal primary education by 2015, but 58 million children are still out of school and its girls, children in conflict areas and children with disabilities that are missing out most. At the current rate of progress it will be 2086 before every child worldwide gets an education and a chance for a bright future.

There has been some great progress - millions of young people around the world have spoken out and 50 million more children have enrolled in primary school. Rwanda now has 99% of children in school and Vietnam has one teacher for every 19 primary students. However, other countries still have a long way to go…Nigeria has over 10 million children out of school and an average of 100 pupils in every classroom.

The Send My Friend to School campaign has launched a new FREE schools pack to help UK pupils speak out now for every child's right to education and make sure world leaders make the right decisions this year. Pack includes a DVD, teachers guide, posters, stickers and loads more learning resources are available online.

Young Ambassadors

The search is on for two teenagers to become the Young Ambassadors for the 2016 Send My Friend to School Campaign. The winners will visit Kenya on a fact-finding mission with Deaf Child Worldwide and the Global Campaign for Education UK to discover some of the barriers still denying millions of children their right to a quality education.

The two Year 10 pupils will visit projects run by Deaf Child Worldwide and meet deaf children, teachers, government officials and charity workers in urban and rural parts of the country. They will explore what support is needed to ensure deaf children can achieve in line with their hearing classmates.

In Kenya, most deaf children have no technological support, such as hearing aids. Those who do go to school are often in classes with up to 50 pupils, where the majority of their teachers have never received any deaf awareness training, making learning next to impossible. Leaving school with no education or communication skills often commits them to a life of poverty.

Following the trip the winners will share their first-hand experience to help drive the Send My Friend to School campaign. The Young Ambassadors will help to inspire millions of other young people around the UK to speak out for the right of all children everywhere to receive a quality education. They will be given the opportunity to support the campaign by spreading the word via the media, speaking at events and to politicians.

Do you know of any young people who have got what it takes to be Young Ambassadors?  For full competition details please click here The closing date is 16 November 2015.