Send my Friend to School


Garry Crompton

Join Ade Adepitan in supporting the Send ALL My Friends to School campaign and your school will be speaking out for the right of all children to have a quality education.

In 2000 world leaders promised to get all children a primary education by 2015. A lot has been achieved; the number of children out of school has actually halved. That still leaves 57 million children without an education and more than one in three have a disability.

Download Oxfam's Send ALL My Friends to School resources.

Ade Adepitan presents this year's campaign film and through his own personal story we see the importance of education and what it can achieve. Ade was born in Nigeria where he contracted polio at 15 months. He moved to London where he received a fantastic education but Ade knows how different his life could have been had he stayed in Nigeria.

"If world leaders are serious about getting EVERY child into education, they must prioritise the needs of children with disabilities now."

Last year over half a million young people from 5,000 UK schools took part in the campaign. This year the campaign is asking young people to get creative and raise awareness of the right of every child everywhere, to have an education.

Take part in the world's biggest education campaign - together we can make a difference!

A free schools pack is available

Maisie Le Masurier and Rebecca Unwin, both 14 from Guildford County School in Surrey, are to be the 2014 Young Ambassadors for the Send My Friend to School campaign. Rebecca and Maisie's role will be to inspire young people all around the UK to champion the right for ALL children worldwide to get a quality education regardless of their disability. They will travel to Uganda on a fact-finding mission with development charity Sightsavers and the Global Campaign for Education UK, and speak about the issues they have witnessed firsthand on their return.