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Campaign for Change


Oxfam is campaigning for a fairer world, where everyone has the water they need to stay healthy and to grow food. Young people can join the campaign by communicating what they've learned about the importance of a reliable water supply and explaining what action they think should be taken to support water vulnerable communities.

Our resources give learners the opportunity to decide how they want to take action, and use their creativity and organisation skills to implement their chosen activity.

Make an Impact

To ensure that a message has an impact, learners will think about how to target those who can make a difference. For example, they could create a display of their messages in school and invite their MP to come and view them.

In 2011, young people wrote nearly 2500 'messages in a bottle', which pupils from Craneswater School, Hampshire and Burntwood School, London took to parliament. They had the opportunity to challenge Stephen O'Brien, then DfID Under Secretary for International Development, on questions of water vulnerability.

Pam Howes, Head of Geography at Burntwood School said:
"Water Week has been an excellent opportunity for the girls to learn about global water issues and become active global citizens. To meet the Minister and present our Water Week work is an amazing opportunity to influence the decision makers and help raise awareness. I am really proud of the hard work done by a wonderful group of young people."