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Fundraise for Communities


Oxfam Water Week encourages young people to take action on what they have learned. Raising money can be a meaningful form of action, helping young people to develop a range of valuable skills. In previous years, schools taking part in Water Week have raised money to help communities in LiberiaMali, NigerSouth Sudan and Haiti.

All funds that you raise will go towards Oxfam's water, sanitation and hygiene promotion (WASH) projects.

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Access to clean water and adequate sanitation is a basic human right. It is crucial in breaking the cycle of poverty, and in supporting young people to fulfil their potential. Considerable progress has been made over the past two decades. However, nearly 800 million people still lack access to clean water, and 2.5 billion to sanitation.


Oxfam has WASH programmes in over 35 countries worldwide, and works in rural and urban areas, in camps for refugees and internally-displaced persons, and amongst host communities.  Each project tests new technologies and approaches to address people's water and sanitation needs in a sustainable way. Local communities are involved in decision-making and project delivery.


A Recent WASH Project in Kenya

Before Fresh Life toilets were brought to Reuben Baptist primary school in Mukuru, Nairobi, the students used a pit latrine. It used to get dirty and the children frequently became ill, which affected their attendance at school. But things are very different now.

Winifred is the head teacher of the school: "Our lives have changed since we received the Fresh Life toilets. The children do not get sick anymore and they even come to school early so they can use the toilets before classes begin."

I used to have just 200 pupils here and now I have over 400. Every parent comes to me and asks if their child can come to school here because they have heard we have the Fresh Life toilets. Having the Fresh Life toilets has lifted the spirits of the community and made our lives better."

Find out more about Oxfam's life-saving water and sanitation work

Fundraising idea: Plan a sponsored walk

A great way to consolidate learning, whilst raising money for Oxfam Water Week is to hold a sponsored walk, and it is something that can involve the whole school community.

Plan a sponsored walk:

  • Where? You can hold your Water Walk wherever best for your school. This might be laps around the school playground, or in a local park. 
  • When? Your walk could be during Oxfam Water Week itself, or whenever is convenient for your school. 
  • How far? We suggest walking between 2 and 6km, but it's up to you! You can decide with your learners, depending on their age and ability. Older learners might like to walk further, or carry water along the way. 

Learners can be sponsored to walk the same distance that many of their peers in the developing world walk to fetch water.

Find more ideas and best practice on our fundraising support page.