Enough Food For Everyone IF

Creative ways to explore global hunger with your pupils.

The IF campaign brings together a movement of people who believe that there is enough food to feed everyone one in the world, IF… By learning more about the issues at the heart of IF, you can help to develop your students' understanding of the world and their role as active global citizens

While you are welcome to use these resources to help pupils get to grips with the key issues connected to food and hunger, please note that we are no longer collecting plates.


Thank you to the schools who sent us plates before the hand-in on 6 June 2013. Read more about the hand-in here.

"The feedback from this lesson was excellent and the pupils liked using the plates as it gave them a different method of displaying their work."
Mrs N Spearman, Assistant Director of Lower School and Head of Year 8, William de Ferrers School


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