Explore the Arms Trade

Learn about the global arms trade and be inspired to take action.

On April 2 2013 the United Nations passed the Arms Trade Treaty with 156 countries voting in favour of the treaty. We have written a guide to update teachers on the UN vote and a PowerPoint presentation to explain the significance of the vote. We'd like to thank all young people who supported the Control Arms campaign over the last 10 years.

We hope the resources on this page will remain useful for understanding the global arms trade and the campaign to regulate it. However, with the passing of the vote at the UN, these resources are now of historical interest. Please do keep up to date with the Treaty's ratification process by following the links in the guide. We are no longer asking supporters to take action on the Arms Trade Treaty.


Oxfam Youth Ambassadors

This resource is suitable for curriculum-based classroom learning but it has been written primarily for Oxfam's Youth Ambassador Groups. Youth Ambassadors meet in their own time (with the support of a teacher) to learn together about global issues, whilst developing the skills and the confidence to make their voices heard. If you are using this resource in an extra-curricular setting then we suggest you register as a Youth Ambassador Group. Registered groups gain access to our structured award scheme, badges and certificates, newsletters, all the latest resources and one-to-one support by phone and email.