Lift Lives for Good

Explore Oxfam’s strategies for overcoming poverty.
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This resource uses case studies to explore Oxfam's strategies for overcoming poverty, and challenges some of the misconceptions people may have about the work of international charities. It introduces the idea of the 'multiplier' effect and highlights the role of women in development.

Young people are then challenged to identify how they can become 'multipliers' on behalf of the communities Oxfam works with, by raising awareness of how Oxfam works and by fundraising for Oxfam's Motherhood Appeal.

Lift Lives for Good: Sri Lanka dairy farming


Case Study 1: Susanna, Liberia

Case Study 2 - Tika, Nepal

Case Study 4 - Joygun and chilli growing

Case Study 4 - Joygun and flooding

Case Study 5 - Mukuru temporary settlement