Message in a Book

Message in a Book is a fun way to engage your learners with global learning, literacy and active citizenship. Supporting geography and literacy, including persuasive writing, it's also a chance for you and your learners to make a real difference. Message in a Book is a great school project for World Book Day, or any other time of year.


How it works: 

1. You download free curriculum-linked teaching resources: What does Oxfam do?

2. Your class learn about the issues and write open letters about them. You can order as many blank letter templates as you need (Word, 55KB).

3. Learners also collect unwanted books - here's a letter to send home to parents Here it is in Welsh.

4. Call 0300 2001 333 to make arrangements with a local participating Oxfam shop.

5. You donate the letters and books to your local Oxfam shop. The shop gives the letters to customers, raising awareness and giving your class a voice within the community. The shop also sells the books, raising funds for vital Oxfam projects.


Find out more about Message in A Book in Leeds

Thanks to cinema and photography students at the University of Leeds for making this video.