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Date Title Type

16 Jul 2015

Sustainable Development Goals 16 Jul 2015 A selection of suggested teaching ideas around the seven themes of the SDGs.


19 Jun 2015

Children's Rights 19 Jun 2015 Develop English skills with 8-11 year olds.


15 Jan 2014

Syria: Seen and Heard 15 Jan 2014 Learn how to lead a campaign to ensure Syrian children are Seen and Heard.


07 Oct 2013

Behind the Brands 07 Oct 2013 Explore the connection between big companies sugar and land grabs.


23 Aug 2013

Syria: A Children's Crisis? 23 Aug 2013 Learn about the crisis in Syria and think critically about who is affected.


30 Apr 2013

Every Child Needs a Teacher 30 Apr 2013 Find out why some children miss out on school and help them get the education that is their right.


18 Feb 2013

Flying the Kite for Food 18 Feb 2013 Make a kite and decorate it with a wish to end hunger.


04 Oct 2012

Explore Land Grabs 04 Oct 2012 Help learners understand the causes and effects of land grabs and take action to put an end to them


12 Feb 2012

Explore Overseas Aid 12 Feb 2012 Explore how aid helps million of people and be inspired to take action as active Global Citizens.


27 Sep 2007

Sow the Seed: Act Resources 27 Sep 2007 'Act' activities exploring the impact of climate change on farmers.