Sow the Seed: Learn Resources

'Learn' activities exploring the impact of climate change on farmers
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Climate change is having a large impact on agriculture. The livelihoods of 2.5 billion people globally depend on their ability to successfully grow seeds.

Used alongside the Sow the Seed 'Act' resources, these materials encourage active global citizenship, helping learners to understand more about the issue and inspiring them to take action.

Teachers select from the range of activities below to allow their learners to complete the wall chart. 


  • Sow the Seed Wall Chart (440kB)

    Allow your pupils to track their progress as they complete their activities.

  • Start Sowing (207kB)

    Pupils begin the wall chart by planting some seeds and nurturing them.

  • Seeds Investigation (949kB)

    Pupils investigate the effect of changing the growing conditions of their plants to simulate the effects of climate change.

  • Seeds Investigation Presentation (6MB)

    A PowerPoint presentation to support the Seeds Investigation activity

  • Climate Change Impact Stories (3MB)

    A general resource with stories from around the world describing how farmers are experiencing changes to the climate and the impact this has on their lives and livelihoods. This can be used to support other activities or curricular areas.

  • Seeds Stories (52kB)

    Pupils use their creative writing skills to communicate the experience of people living in communities experiencing changes to their climate.

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