Water Week Act Resources

Take action to help overcome water vulnerability.
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Find out about the action Oxfam and water-vulnerable communities in Niger and Mali took as a result of previous Water Weeks. Give your learners the opportunity to decide how to take action themselves and develop their creative and organisational skills.

These Act resources are designed to be delivered as part of Oxfam Water Week, alongside the Introductory, Learn and Think resources.

Use the Teachers' Overview for a guide to all the activities in the Oxfam Water Week resource.


  • Teachers' Overview (261kB)

    A must-read overview of the whole resource, outlining activities and timings for the Introductory, Learn, Think, and Act Water Week resources.

  • Teachers' Guide to Act Resources (211kB)

    Lesson plans to enable pupils to find out how Oxfam and water-vulnerable communities have acted to overcome water vulnerability and then choose their own action to help make a difference.

  • Act Slideshow (2MB)

    Enables pupils to find out how Oxfam and water-vulnerable communities act together to overcome water vulnerability, and see how other schools have acted in previous water weeks.

  • Water Week Fundraising Guide (281kB)

    Everything you need to fundraise for Oxfam Water Week: ideas, checklist, sponsorship form and paying in form.

  • Water Week Campaigning Guide (313kB)

    Provides ideas for campaigning activities, and explains how campaigning for Water Week can help reduce water vulnerability.

  • Water Week Pupil Action Guide (258kB)

    Activities to help pupils generate ideas, plan and review any action they wish to take.

Infrastructure and Water Vulnerability: Niger 2013

Infrastructure and Water Vulnerability: Niger 2012

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