Water Week Introductory Resources

Introduce learners to water vulnerability.
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Introduce your class to the idea that although water is a fundamental human right, many people have restricted access to it. Resources include a short video, a slideshow and participatory activities which can be used for a whole-school assembly.

These resources are designed to be delivered as part of Oxfam Water Week, alongside the Learn, Think and Act resources.

Use the Teachers' Overview for a guide to all the activities in the Oxfam Water Week resource.


  • Teachers' Overview (261kB)

    A must-read overview of the whole resource, outlining activities and timings for the Introductory, Learn, Think, and Act Water Week resources.

  • Teacher's Guide To Introductory Resources (309kB)

    Lesson plans to introduce pupils to water as a shared human need and a UN right using film clips, slideshows and participatory activities such as holding water buckets and keeping a water diary for a day.

  • Introductory Slideshow (4MB)

    Designed to follow the Introductory film, this slideshow inspires pupils to find out more about water vulnerability and to take action. Can be used for a whole-school assembly.

  • Water For Life Slideshow (4MB)

    Slideshow to accompany introductory activities.

  • SEN Planning Kit (200kB)

    This guide has been written for use with pupils in special schools. It outlines a series of activities that allow pupils to take part in Oxfam Water Week and follow the Learn, Think, Act sequence to gain an understanding of water issues.

  • Water Vulnerability Sensory Journey (3MB)

    An SEN Water Week activity.

Introductory Film