Water Week Think Resources

Help learners think critically about addressing water vulnerability

Give your learners the opportunity to think critically about solutions to water vulnerability in several countries, and learn to distinguish between short and long-term solutions.

These resources are designed to be delivered as part of Oxfam Water Week, alongside the Introductory, Learn and Act resources. Use the Teachers' Overview for a guide to all the activities in the Oxfam Water Week resource.


  • Teachers' Overview (261kB)

    A must-read overview of the whole resource, outlining activities and timings for the Introductory, Learn, Think, and Act Water Week resources.

  • Teachers' Guide to Think Resources (411kB)

    Lesson plans to encourage pupils to think critically about ways to overcome water vulnerability using film clips, slideshows and an issues tree.

  • Teachers' Guide to Liberia Case Study (608kB)

    Lesson plan to enable pupils to find out about a recent Water Week project in Liberia using a film clip, photo-story and water vulnerability tree.

  • Think Slideshow (2MB)

    Introduces pupils to short and long-term responses to water vulnerability.

  • Think Country Information (249kB)

    Background information for teachers about the countries featured in the 'Think' film clips: Liberia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Haiti, Chad and Angola.

Infrastructure and Water Vulnerability: Liberia

Infrastructure and Water Vulnerability: Ethiopia/Haiti 

Drought and Water Vulnerability: Uganda and Zimbabwe

Conflict and Water Vulnerability: Chad/Angola

Flooding and Water Vulnerability: Around the World