Global Learning Programme


Crispin Hughes /OXFAM

Global Learning Programme Scotland

Join the 562 schools that are already benefiting from the free professional learning activities offered by the Global Learning Programme Scotland (GLP-S).

The GLP-S is not an awards scheme. Rather, it supports the development of global citizenship through the curriculum, which is a key strand of Learning for Sustainability.

To access training sessions, day conferences, sharing and networking sessions or tailored support visit All support to schools is offered through the six Scottish regional Development Education Centres.

Global Learning Programme England

The Global Learning Programme England  (GLP-E) is a free programme of support that can help enhance teaching and learning about global issues at Key Stages 2 and 3. The GLP-E focuses on developing pupils' knowledge and understanding of global challenges such as poverty, inequality and sustainability through subject-based learning in key curriculum areas. It will support you in helping learners to think critically about the issues, and develop skills and values as they consider actions that they and others can take to overcome them.

By joining, your school will receive:

  • a free, peer-led, locally-based programme of support;
  • up to £500 of e-credits which your school can use to pay for CPD from approved providers; 
  • an online audit tool, helping you to identify your school's global learning strengths and priority areas for development
  • an action plan for your school, outlining practical ideas and strategies; 
  • curriculum guidance to support global learning in key subject areas;
  • resources to support classroom teaching and whole-school global learning initiatives;
  • an online tool to assess learners' global learning.

The GLP-E is funded by the Department for International Development and is managed by a consortium of leading global learning and educational organisations, including Oxfam.

Once registered for the GLP, schools can use their e-credits to pay for CPD from Oxfam. Find out more on the GLP-E website. Over 2,000 schools across the country are already part of the Global Learning Programme.

Work with Development Organisations in the GLP

Oxfam, as a GLP consortium partner, are offering a free twilight workshop to Expert Centres exploring how international development organisations can support schools in the GLP. This event could provide an exciting opportunity for your partner schools, and help develop and enrich your GLP cluster.

Find out more about hosting a workshop

Alternatively, you could attend one of the workshops listed below. Email to find out more.

Upcoming Workshops

  • 4 February 2015 at South Dartmoor Community College
  • 26 March 2015 at Hayesfield Girls School in Bath
  • 26 March 2015 at Tendring Technology College
  • 6 October 2015 at St Johns First School in Frome