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Oxfam Education 2012 series

Schools in England face a range of policy shifts. 

We explore how global citizenship can support schools in coming to terms with them. This includes; developing a school-owned curriculum; meeting new Ofsted criteria; and the developing the ethos of the whole school.

We intend the series to act as part provocation and part guide. We hope it supports schools already carrying out global citizenship to do it better, and inspires those new to global citizenship to try it out.

Underpinning this series is a belief that global citizenship supports quality education, because of the core values, attitudes and skills which it helps young people to develop. This applies to any school, at any time.

Over to you PDF

Time for a school owned 21st century curriculum

Show Ofsted the world PDF

How Global Learning can help schools meet the new Ofsted criteria

Whole School Case Studies PDF

See three examples of how global learning approaches can support whole school development

Education for an Age of Interdependence

As the world changes around us, one thing remains constant - the need for education to provide children and young people with the understanding, skills and values that they will need to face the challenges and seize the opportunities of an uncertain world of accelerating global change.

Education for an Age of Interdependence is a series of short provocation papers written by academics and practitioners around the world. The papers look at the global context, how people engage with the ideas of global citizenship and how education and schools can best serve the needs of young people and society in our interdependent world.

Reviewing Global Citizenship PDF

Dr. Hans Shattle

The Three As of Global Education PDF

Prof. Fernando Reimers

Empathy Education: Why it matters and how to do it PDF

Roman Krznaric

Skills for interdependence: Social Cohesion PDF

Rachel Briggs

Looking into schools and classrooms PDF

Can innovative in-service teacher training lead to quality teaching and learning? Enea Mhando