Teaching about distant localities


Young people today are frequently exposed to media images of ' the South', yet these images often leave a wholly distorted, largely negative impression.

The following activities are aimed at enriching teachers' understanding of the importance of teaching about localities in the South and for helping to acquire strategies for ensuring successful learning outcomes.


Activity 1: Icebreakers

'Catch the World!' and 'Globingo for grown-ups!' 

Activity 2: Why teach about localities in the 'South'? 

Why teach about localities in the South? - 'Brainstorming localities in the South', 'Learning from Locality Studies' and 'What are our concerns?' 

Activity 3: Choosing a locality 

Choosing a locality - gaining consensus. 

Activity 4: An enquiry approach 

An enquiry approach - 'Why is this place special?' 

Activity 5: Using stories

Using stories - sharing ideas for the use of stories in the study of localities. 

Activity 6: Choosing a locality pack 

Choosing a locality pack - using a checklist to select resources.