Activities Assemblies and Learning Days

Whole school days

Workshop plans and activities to run your own day of learning. Pupils will gain an understanding of a complex issue and think about how they can take action to make a positive difference. 

Global learning days.

 Whole school assemblies

Ideas for developing assemblies about justice, diversity, peace and sustainable development in your assemblies. 

Seven assembly ideas.

Whole school activities

Global citizenship activities for under 5s

Develop an understanding of the importance of friendship, of the similarities between people, and help to enhance self-esteem and cultivate feelings of responsibility towards our world. 

Global citizenship activities for ages 5-7

Develop an understanding of concepts such as 'rich' and 'poor', the origins of food, and how we can make a difference. 

Global citizenship activities for ages 7-11

Develop an understanding of how interconnected our world is, the importance of challenging stereotypes, and develop an awareness of events occurring in the world.