Inset Sessions


A series of inset activities to help you develop a whole school global citizenship approach.

These inset activities each illustrate different themes around global citizenship. They can be used individually or as a series of training sessions, and can help you begin to develop whole-school global citizenship approach.

The sessions are designed to promote discussion and creative thinking, allow for the weighing-up of all reasoned opinions, and enable participants to learn from each other. Although suggestions are made and guidance given, the outcomes of sessions will depend on the process and the participants.

The individual sessions are designed to be part of whole-school staff meetings. Each session will take between 45-60 minutes. You may wish to combine them into an inset day covering several of the activities.


Activity 1: What is a global citizen?
Exploring what makes a 'global citizen'. 

Activity 2: 'Contentious' issues
How to deal with tricky subjects such as poverty and human rights. 

Activity 3: Presenting positive images through promoting critical thinking
Developing the ability to think, listen and read critically. 

Activity 4: Sustainable development
What does sustainable development means in our own lives and communities? 

Activity 5: Linking with the community and welcoming visitors 
Things to consider when inviting visitors into the school.