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Oxfam World Shapers


World Shapers is Oxfam's innovative whole school approach to global citizenship.

As a World Shapers School you can enable your pupils to work together, become world-aware and understand the power of their voice in a global society. And you can do it your way, with a bespoke programme and ongoing support from Oxfam.

World Shapers can help you embed global citizenship throughout school life, from the curriculum to community engagement, and you can link with other World Shaper schools to share learning too.

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Hear from schools already working with us

We are starting this project from centres in Greater Manchester, London, and Oxford. If you are not in these areas, we may still be able to work with you if you join with two or more other local schools. Please contact us on 0300 200 1300 or before registering.

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Find out more about World Shapers and the Global Learning Programme