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5th Jul 2012

This week I have been busy figuring out a simple way to style my new locks. For over a year I have either had short hair or dreadlocks, so now I have hair again I don't know what to do with it. I bought a hair bun yesterday, cut it in half and fashioned into the delightfully named hair rat, I attempt to do a faux 1940's bang, unfortunately I am still attempting to grow out my fringe and it's not quite long enough to do yet, so I improvised and did a simple side roll. I then curled the ends using the Babyliss hair wand and then brushed it out. I don't use any hair spray or harmful products to style it, the wand is that good that the curls stay in all day, it's a hair miracle.

The dress I'm wearing here is thrifted vintage from a local charity shop in navy blue with a delicate white pattern, it really nips me in at the waist (where I have lost the most weight) and the length sits just above the knee, perfect. 

Recycling fashion is a way of giving an old item a new lease of life. It has taken a long time for people to embrace the idea of thrifting. I picked this dress up on a bargain rail for a whole £2, get out there and have a good rummage, you never know what you might find.

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