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Floral crowns: a tutorial

With festival season pretty much over, and what we had of a summer also rapidly disappearing, I've been finding ways to desperately cling onto the sun. This week's attempt? A DIY floral crown. ...


Oxfam Fashion's book of the week: ReCraft

Buttonbag are known for their well designed quirky craft kits that inspire creativity in little ones and crafty beginners alike. This new book has been a natural progression to display their passion...

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Three ways to wear your scarves

To say I have an obsession with scarves is an understatement. When it comes to gift ideas my friends & family know if in doubt that a scarf is the only gift for me. My collection is large and...


How to make infinity scarves

We've spent the day DIYing with the music lovers at Leeds festival. T-shirt infinity scarves are the perfect upcycling trick for novice crafters. Read on to find out how you can make your very...

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In Stitches

Still being at sixth form, I tend to build up and mythologise the summer holidays into a never-ending, sunny time of creative pursuits, café visits and charity shop excursions. The reality is rainier,...

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Upcycling: the patch

Although I have an increasing interest in ethical and sustainable fashion, I have one problem. I can't resist a good trend. And the issue with trends is that they are inarguably linked to the...

From punk art to head scarves - Oxfam DIY hits Vintage Festival

Vintage was a hive of fashion and style but also on site -  plenty of workshops were available for the craft lover. We caught up with two designers who were using Oxfam clothes and accessories...

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How to shop vintage

Whether you love the Parisian glamour of the 30's or long for the strong tailored line of the 60's, getting to know your chosen decade is a must. Does it flatter your shape? Can you make...

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How to adjust the waistband of a skirt

Today I'm going to show you a simple way to adjust the waistline of a skirt. This tutorial can be used to make a skirt bigger or smaller. If you are making it bigger, you just need to make sure...

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Festival Fashion: How to DeBobble a Jumper

Arun jumpers and chunky knit cardigans that your granddad would be proud of are so popular at festivals, and it's not hard to see why. A heavyweight piece of knitwear is a practical addition...

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