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Tag: shoes

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Shoes to DIY for

I'm extremely impulsive. Whilst recently looking online for textbooks, I bought a bow tie that I will never wear. Such is my spontaneous nature. Thus, when I spotted a passer-by's bewitching...

Decoupage Comic Shoes

My friend Sophie is a DIY superhero. To withhold her amazing creations from you guys would be serious villainy. Her gift to you, via my superhuman writing skills, are these kick-ass comic book decoupage...

Womad festival style spotting

On the blog we've written before about how Lisa, Fran and the Festival Shop team hand select all the stock they take to each festival over the summer. But, if you've not yet visited one of...

1940's Housewife

This week I have been busy figuring out a simple way to style my new locks. For over a year I have either had short hair or dreadlocks, so now I have hair again I don't know what to do with it....

Open your wardrobe and give! - The journey of your fashion donations

Blog post by Kelly O'Connor ...

Louboutin Sign

Christian Louboutin at the Design Museum

So you didn't make it down to the exclusive interview with Christian Louboutin at the Design Museum? Fear not, neither did we, but thankfully there's a lovely snippet online with the creative...

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