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Tell the Energy Secretary to take urgent action to end coal


Photo: Karen Willie/The Climate Coalition.

Demand clear, realistic and ambitious action on tackling
climate change.

The energy and climate change secretary, Amber Rudd, says she expects coal to play only a tiny part in our energy mix by 2025. That's a good aspiration, but the current policies won't get us there. We need a plan that works - one that promises to deliver entirely coal-free power in the UK by 2023.

Burning coal is the biggest driver of climate change. For the sake of millions of people whose crops and food supplies are at risk from extreme weather, we must show the rest of the world that our use of coal is finally coming to an end. Tell Amber Rudd to be a climate champion, to ensure the UK leads the way for other countries - and to lead the world away from coal.

With Parliament breaking for the summer in July, crucial climate talks in Paris in five months, and millions of people already at risk of hunger because of climate change, now is the time for Rudd and the government to make clear how the UK will lead the way on this issue.

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