Ask your MP to fight climate change & inequality


Climate change and inequality are the greatest challenges we face today - how will your MP help tackle them? 

Every day, we see the devastating effect of extreme inequality on the people we work with. Across the world, the gap between rich and poor people is growing all the time. Adding to this is the impact of climate change, which is hitting the poorest communities hardest. As our climate becomes more unpredictable, more and more families will lose their homes and their livelihoods. 

Over the past few decades, the world has done much to help lift millions of lives for good. But this progress is threatened by the combined impact of climate change and inequality. Over the coming years, our MPs need to commit to tackling these two big issues. Whoever forms the government in 2015 must show how they're going to take action to help lift lives for good worldwide.

So please email your MP today, and ask them where they and their party stand on these issues.


Across the UK 1,000s of Oxfam supporters are writing to their MPs, and we're lobbying Westminster with 'Lift Lives for Good', our new report on what needs to happen


Let us know how your MP responds - email us at We'll collate these insights to help develop our 2014/15 campaigning.


Over the coming months, we'll keep the pressure on politicians to tackle these twin challenges. Watch your inbox for info on how you can get involved.

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